We Are Star

“Offshore development always produces low quality work”

This is usually the most common complaint. There are many reasons why low-quality work is produced.

Low quality developers, ineffective project management, unclear requirements, poor communication along with cultural differences are among the common reasons that create frustration with offshore development. Each of our team is screened to ensure they can deliver quality. But everyone will tell you that. Our team in London act as the quality gate and ensure you only see work that we’d be happy with ourselves.

“We can’t control the work.”

Obviously it is different working with people in another country and in a different timezone to people in your own office.

But different doesn’t mean worse. It all comes down to communication. And with tools like Slack, Skype and others available, you’ll be seeing our work as if we were sat next to you.

“It never gets delivered on time. Ever.”

Projects do get delayed for many reasons. But what they need is structure and we put that in place from day one.

Our method of choice is Scrum, though we can integrate into a wide range of Agile and Waterfall methods. But what that means to you is clear goals and regular updates so if things look like they are going awry, we can put a plan in place to get things back on track.

“They don’t speak English.”

The language barrier can be problematic and whilst our offshore teams do boast an excellent level of English, it can still be a little difficult.

So we take the hard work away. Our project managers in India work closely with our London based account team and most of your communication will come from the London office. That doesn’t mean you won’t have direct contact with your team, you will. But you’ll always have a London-based native English speaker available, on the phone or face to face.

“I’ve tried it before and it was terrible.”

It all comes down to finding the right team. And that’s what we have done.

We know that there are a lot of low quality operations who claim they will deliver the earth and fail miserably. In fact, the only reason we know our network is so good is because of our own bad experiences in the past.

“How do we know our Data/IP is safe?”

Because it is all managed in London you can be confident that we conform to the European GDPR standards.

We have NDAs in place to protect your IP and our contracts stipulate that your IP is yours (on final payment, of course). We are far more interested in your repeat business than your idea.